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Trouble at Tsavo: The Tale of the Black Rhino

Author(s): Grace Boyle. Illustrated by T Lewis.
Trouble at Tsavo: The Tale of the Black Rhino

Synopsis: Members of the NeuroExplorers Club watched in awe as Shiloh Nimbus play tennis. Her overhead smashes and perfectly placed shots left them gasping with wonder and cheering in amazement. The game was so intense that, after a few minutes, the NeuroExplorers didn’t even notice the players’ wheelchairs. What happened to Shiloh?

Trouble at Tsavo also features informative science boxes which highlight related topics to discuss, such as neurons, types of scientists, how messages are carried from the brain or spinal cord to muscles, reflexes, and involuntary movements. A glossary of health and science terms is provided for student and teacher use.

This book is an integrated component of The Motor System unit, but it also may be used as a stand-alone reading activity, or with reading/language arts worksheets found in The Motor System: The Reading Link.

Download: Trouble at Tsavo: The Tale of the Black Rhino

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