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DuPont fined over safety data on Teflon chemical

December 21, 2005 This article courtesy of Nature News.

Risks of possible carcinogen lead to largest ever fine.

Chemical titan DuPont will pay the largestever civil administrative penalty levied by the US Environmental Protection Agency. The fine - $10.25 million - relates to alleged infractions concerning the chemical perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA).

PFOA, a possible carcinogen, is used to make several DuPont products, including Teflon non-stick coating for cookware. Most of the charges involve the company's failure to inform the agency about data on the chemical's risks.

Under the 14 December agreement, DuPont will also spend $6.25 million on related research, such as determining whether and how any of its products can break down to form PFOA. Further funds will go towards a green-chemistry project in schools in Wood County, West Virginia, the site of one of DuPont's chemical plants.


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