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BioEd Online offers a variety of free, interactive courses designed for science educators and other life-long learners seeking to increase their knowledge of key scientific subjects. Course offerings range from cutting-edge genetics to topical environmental health content and the fascinating science of water. Materials are sorted by topic, making it easy to locate the content most appropriate for you.

We're sorry for the inconvenience, the folowing courses are currently unavailable. We are moving over to a new platform and the courses will be back online as soon as possible.

  • Genes, Health, and Society

    Genes, Health, and SocietyCourses

    This interactive, asynchronous web-based course explores the fields of genetics and genomics. It includes three discrete modules covering transmission genetics, nature of genetic material, and medical genetics and genomics. (20 contact hours each)

  • Bench to Blackboard

    Bench to BlackboardCourses

    Baylor College of Medicine and Scitable by Nature Education offer interactive modules with in-depth, guided exploration of science topics, access to key journal articles and tools for self assessment. (6 contact hours each)

  • Short Courses

    Short CoursesShort Courses

    Gain deeper content knowledge on a variety of topics and learn how to conduct science inquiry lessons with our free “anytime, anywhere” short courses, presented by teachers, scientists and science educators. (variable contact hours)

  • Educator Certification

    SMART Science Content Guides for Educator CertificationSMART Courses

    SMART Science Content Guides are designed to help you prepare for teacher certification tests by providing you with up-to-date reviews of key science topics and subtopics.