A collection of COVID-19 classroom slides for grades K-12."> A collection of COVID-19 classroom slides for grades K-12."> A collection of COVID-19 classroom slides for grades K-12."> A collection of COVID-19 classroom slides for grades K-12.">
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A collection of COVID-19 classroom slides for grades K-12.


  • Mask Myths

    Mask Myths

    Students will determine whether six myths about face coverings or masks are true or false, based on evidence.

  • What Are Vaccines?

    What Are Vaccines?Slide Set

    Students learn how vaccines work and how they are made by viewing two short videos and answering questions that promote critical thinking related to vaccines and the immune system.

  • Tips for a Healthy Holiday

    Tips for a Healthy HolidaySlide Set

    Use this short slide presentation to provide students and staff with strategies to reduce risks from COVID-19 during holiday gatherings.

    Grades: K-2
  • Vaccines and Health

    Vaccines and HealthSlide Set

    Students learn about the impact of vaccines on human health by exploring one of the 16 diseases for which they have (or should have) received a vaccine.

  • Prevent the Spread of COVID-19

    Prevent the Spread of COVID-19Slide Set

    Using the accompanying slides, review what students learned in their online research related to SARS-Cov-2 (Student Sheet A and B).

  • Crowds and Disease Transmission

    Crowds and Disease TransmissionSlide Set

    Students learn about why large gatherings are not recommended during the current pandemic.

  • Spacing Out

    Spacing OutSlide Set

    Using this slide set, students are challenged to design an art room that will afford the social distancing required during the pandemic. Working through the challenge will raise awareness about the complexity of arranging the physical environment to reduce disease transmission in a traditional classroom.

  • What are Infectious Diseases?

    What are Infectious Diseases?Slide Set

    Using this slide set students will conduct research using online text resources and media related to infectious and non-infectious diseases and compare the prevalence of different diseases across countries with different income levels.

  • Modeling the Virus that Causes COVID-19

    Modeling the Virus that Causes COVID-19Slide Set

    In this activity, students learn about the shape and relative size of the virus by constructing a paper model of a single virus particle. Virus particles are extremely small. They are completely invisible in ordinary white light.

  • Masking Up

    Masking UpSlide Set

    Use this slide-set to have students discuss the importance of wearing face masks during the COVID-19 pandemic and learn best practices for wearing and removing a face covering

    Grades: K-2