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Food Demonstration Slide Sets

View or download slide sets used in many of the demonstration videos for the Food unit. Links are provided for available videos.

  • What's That Food? (pre-assessment)

    What's That Food? (pre-assessment)Slide Set

    Learn tips for how best to conduct the activity, "What's That Food?" Students take a pre-assessment followed by a hands-on activity focusing on food, food groups, and making food choices for health.

  • What Is Soil Made Of?

    What Is Soil Made Of?Slide Set

    Discover how best to conduct the activity, "What Is Soil Made of?" Students explore a sample of natural soil by identifying and separating its different components.

  • Do Plants Need Light?

    Do Plants Need Light?Slide Set

    Learn helpful techniques for how to best teach the lesson "Do Plants Need Light?" in which students learn about plant growth and development.

  • Plant Parts You Eat

    Plant Parts You EatSlide Set

    Find out tips and learn techniques for teaching the lesson, "Plant Parts You Eat," in which students learn about consumers, producers, plants, and that people rely on different plants and plant parts for food.

  • Food Webs

    Food WebsSlide Set

    Discover how to best teach the lesson, "Food Webs," in which students construct food webs for six different ecosystems and learn about interactions among producers and consumers.

  • Digestion

    DigestionSlide Set

    Prepare yourself for teaching the activity, "Digestion," in which students learn about digestion of foods by observing the action of meat tenderizer on luncheon meat.

  • Bio Build-up

    Bio Build-upSlide Set

    Find out the best way to guide students in the lesson, "Bio Build-up," where they make a model of a simple food chain and learn how toxins can accumulate in consumers at the top of the food chain.

  • They're Everywhere: Bacteria

    They're Everywhere: BacteriaSlide Set

    Let this demonstration slide set guide you in teaching the activity, "They're Everywhere: Bacteria," where students discover bacteria are truly everywhere, and learn about food contamination.

  • Using Food Labels

    Using Food LabelsSlide Set

    Follow the steps in this demonstration slide set, "Using Food Labels," to help students understand the information found on them and how to use them to make better food choices.

  • Safe Food Preparation

    Safe Food Preparation

    Learn how best to conduct the activity, "Safe Food Preparation," in which students learn how to safety prepare food as they make ice cream.

  • Healthy Snacks (post-assessment)

    Healthy Snacks (post-assessment)Slide Set

    Learn about what you need to teach "Healthy Snacks," where students rank food labels from most to least healthy, and justify their rankings.