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Global Atmospheric Change Demonstration Slides

View or download slide sets used in many of the demonstration videos for the Global Atmospheric Change unit. Links are provided for available videos.

  • Earth's Energy Sources (pre-assessment)

    Earth's Energy Sources (pre-assessment)Slide Set

    Learn tips for how best to conduct "Earth's Energy Sources," which allows you to assess student knowlege of global change and related topics.

  • Rainbow in the Room

    Rainbow in the RoomSlide Set

    Discover the science behind the "Rainbow in the Room" activity, in which students explore the properties of light and the mixture of colors that make up visible light.

  • Modeling Earth's Atmosphere

    Modeling Earth's AtmosphereSlide Set

    Let this demonstration slide set guide you as you teach the "Modeling Earth's Atmosphere" activity, in which students create a model of Earth's atmosphere.

  • Fossil Fuels and the Carbon Cycle

    Fossil Fuels and the Carbon CycleSlide Set

    Find out how best to teach the activity, "Fossil Fuels and the Carbon Cycle," in which students use a classroom model to learn how geologists locate fossil fuels.

  • Finding the Carbon in Sugar

    Finding the Carbon in SugarSlide Set

    Discover how to teach the hands-on activity, "Finding the Carbon in Sugar," to help students learn about combustion and energy.

  • Fuel for Living Things

    Fuel for Living ThingsSlide Set

    Learn helpful techniques for teaching the lesson, "Fuel for Living Things," in which students discover that organisms need a source of energy by feeding yeast.

  • Measuring and Protecting Skin

    Measuring and Protecting SkinSlide Set

    Prepare yourself for teaching the activity, "Measuring and Protecting Skin," where students measure their own skin and learn why it's important to protect it from sunlight.

  • Using Heat from the Sun

    Using Heat from the SunSlide Set

    Let this demonstration slide set guide you in teaching the activity, "Using Heat from the Sun," where students explore how energy from the sun can heat water.

  • Greenhouse S'Mores

    Greenhouse S'MoresSlide Set

    Demonstration slide set containing tips for teaching the activity, "Greenhouse S'Mores," where students experiment with materials that allow light to pass through, but which trap heat.

  • People and Climate

    People and ClimateSlide Set

    Prepare for teaching the activity, "People and Climate," where students learn about climate issues in different locations around Earth.

  • Everyone Counts (post-assessment)

    Everyone Counts (post-assessment)Slide Set

    Learn how best to conduct the post-assessment, "Everyone Counts," and reinforce the concept to students that they are able to influence their own health and that of the planet.