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Forces and Motion

Forces and Motion

Mass, acceleration, change, momentum, Newton's laws, push, pull, friction, kinetic, potential

  • Hero Engine

    Hero EngineSlide Set

    Learn about simple engines, and see how to construct engines that students can use to experiment with force and motion.

  • Newton Car

    Newton CarSlide Set

    Build a Newton Car from simple materials to investigate force and motion in your classroom.

  • Rocket Launchers

    Rocket LaunchersSlide Set

    Use inexpensive materials to build a “rocket” and launcher that enable students to experiment with and learn about the concepts of force and motion.

  • Rockets: Force and Motion

    Rockets: Force and MotionSlide Set

    Join Dr. Greg Vogt as he discusses the history of rockets, and explains how astronauts and scientific experiments are launched into space.