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Aspergillus fungal spores.
Courtesy of the CDC/15145.

Bacteria, archaebacteria, fungi, protists, algae, viruses, infectious diseases, helpful microorganisms, microbiome


    HIV/AIDSSlide Set

    Students investigate HIV/AIDS and learn about the structure, function and replication cycle of HIV virus particles; how diseases spread, and act as epidemiologists to track the spread of HIV/AIDS.

  • Microbes

    MicrobesSlide Set

    Students explore microbes related to health (bacteria, fungi, protists and viruses), learn that microbes play key roles in the lives of humans, and discover that some cause diseases.

  • Microbes Demonstration Slide Sets

    View or download slide sets used in many of the demonstration videos for the Microbes unit. Links are provided for available videos.

  • The Ghost Map

    The Ghost MapSlide Set

    Students act as epidemiologists as they map the 1856 cholera epidemic in the Soho District of London.