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Human Organism

Human Organism

Human body, organs, body systems, human physiology, health and wellness

  • Adolescent Nutrition

    Adolescent NutritionSlide Set

    Most nutritional problems in adolescents are related to the consumption of too much “junk food,” or food with limited or no nutritional value, which eventually, will lead to health care problems.

  • Homeostasis

    HomeostasisSlide Set

    Homeostasis is the state of constancy within an internal environment. Wade Haaland, PhD, explains the basics of homeostasis in the human body, with particular emphasis on the relationship between homeostasis and diabetes.

  • Human Body Systems

    Human Body SystemsSlide Sets

    The human body is made up of several discrete body systems that work together to perform specific functions. Find out whese structures look like (anatomy), and learn about their functions (physiology).

  • The Human Body

    The Human BodySlide Set

    Basic review of the human body, including levels of organization, types of tissues, different organ systems, disease prevention in humans, and homeostasis.