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STEMM@Home Activities

STEMM@Home Activities

In these unprecedented times of school closures and Stay-at-Home notices, Baylor College of Medicine is offering a set of hands-on K–12 activities, grouped by grade level, that will enable parents and children to remain engaged in STEMM learning until school operations return to normal. We call this collection STEMM@Home. The lessons were selected specifically because they are easy to use at home and provide high-quality STEMM content without the need for specialized training, equipment, or materials. We invite you to investigate our STEMM@Home activities and to explore the entire BioEd Online website for accurate, free STEMM educational materials.

  • Grades K–2

    Grades K–2Resources

    Explore fun activities and resources that connect science content to health and wellness. Learning about the environment and the world around us supports students’ school-based studies and introduces them to basic concepts and scientific understanding.

    Grades: K-2
  • Grades 3–5

    Grades 3–5Resources

    The scale and size of microorganisms is intriguing, and their role in nature and human health is sometimes confusing. These activities allow you and your child to explore the world of the unseen!

  • Grades 6–8

    Grades 6–8Resources

    These exciting, interdisciplinary resources are easy to do at home with everyday materials. Keep your middle schooler’s science skills sharp and have a little fun along the way!

  • Grades 9–12

    Grades 9–12Resources

    High school students are beginning to investigate in depth many topics online and through their courses. Explore engaging learning experiences, such as easy reading materials that break down difficult concepts as well as career explorations and more.