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Grades 3–5

Grades 3–5

Children have many questions about organisms they cannot readily see. The scale and size of microorganisms is intriguing, and their role in nature and human health is sometimes confusing. These activities allow you and your child to explore the world of the unseen!


Thumbnail Image for What’s Floating in YOUR Air?

What’s Floating in YOUR Air?

Learn about indoor particles that can affect your health by setting up a simple investigation using household items. Extend the activity with a storybook and magazine.

Thumbnail Image for They’re Everywhere!

They’re Everywhere!

Microbes live everywhere on Earth, including in and on us! Explore different types of microbes and what they do with the activity “The Variety and Roles of Microbes.”

Thumbnail Image for How Big Is Microscopic?

How Big Is Microscopic?

Discover the many sizes and shapes of microbes with the activity “Comparing Sizes of Microorganisms.”

Thumbnail Image for Put a New Spin on Art!

Put a New Spin on Art!

Make a paper pinwheel using household items, then explore energy use with the storybook Mr Slaptail’s Curious Contraption.

Thumbnail Image for Follow the Leader

Follow the Leader

Construct a paper ant chain! Then read The Mysterious Marching Vegetables to learn more about food and health.

Thumbnail Image for Extend the Learning with Engineering!

Extend the Learning with Engineering!

These hands-on activities use household items to introduce young learners to construction through an engineer’s point of view.

Thumbnail Image for How Do Your Lungs Work?

How Do Your Lungs Work?

Make your own working model of a lung. Then learn more about what’s in our air with the Science of Air:Explorations magazine and the storybook Mr. Slaptail’s Secret!