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Grades 6–8

Grades 6–8

These exciting, interdisciplinary resources are easy to do at home with everyday materials. Keep your middle schooler’s science skills sharp and have a little fun along the way!


Thumbnail Image for Kinetic Art: Sculptures in Motion

Kinetic Art: Sculptures in Motion

In this investigation, students create and study unique sculptures that move in interesting ways when acted upon by the force of the wind. Focus on pages 38–40 (brief article) and 2–5 (activity).

Thumbnail Image for Rocket Activity: Soda Can “Hero Engine”

Rocket Activity: Soda Can “Hero Engine”

Construct water-propelled engines from soda cans and investigate ways to increase the action-reaction thrust produced by water shooting out of the cans.

Thumbnail Image for E-Book: The Index Elephant

E-Book: The Index Elephant

In this story, young students track a mysterious illness that is killing baby elephants. They learn how doctors and scientists identified the pathogen, found a treatment, and are working to make a vaccine.

Thumbnail Image for What Is a Neuron?

What Is a Neuron?

Build a model neuron (nerve cell) using easy-to-find items, and learn the structure and function of these specialized cells of the nervous system.

Thumbnail Image for Energy for Life

Energy for Life

Conduct a real science experiment in your kitchen! Students observe what happens when yeast (a single-celled fungus) is provided with food (table sugar).

Thumbnail Image for Heart Rate and Exercise

Heart Rate and Exercise

Students learn how to measure heart rate by taking a pulse. Use the “Procedures” tab to conduct an experiment to determine the effects of exercise on heart rate.

Thumbnail Image for Gravity and Buoyancy

Gravity and Buoyancy

Students use water in a plastic bag to predict and model the effects of gravity and buoyancy.
They infer how their findings might impact astronauts during spaceflight.