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Symposium for Space Life Science

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BioEd Online is proud to offer this online series, sponsored by the National Space Biomedical Research Institute, featuring presentations by eminent leaders in the field of space life science.

  • Bone Loss with Space Exploration

    Bone Loss with Space ExplorationPresentation

    Susan A. Bloomfield, PhD, FACSM, speaks about bone structure and different kinds of bone, the causes of bone loss during space exploration, and strategies for slowing or counterbalancing the process of bone loss, in space and on Earth.

  • Eating in Space: Does Nutrition Matter?

    Eating in Space: Does Nutrition Matter?Presentation

    Discover how nutrition and exercise can be used as countermeasures to some of the more critical risks and challenges to human physiological systems while in space. Joanne R. Lupton, PhD, explains.

  • Maintaining Muscle Mass in Space

    Maintaining Muscle Mass in SpacePresentation

    Kenneth M. Baldwin, PhD, explains how and why muscles change during spaceflight, why is this important, and what can we do to limit muscle atrophy in space and on Earth.

  • Radiation Effects

    Radiation EffectsPresentation

    Learn about the latest research discoveries with Ann R. Kennedy, PhD, as she discusses the potential dangers and effects of radiation on space travelers, and ways in which the risks can be reduced.

  • Sleep and Daily Rhythms

    Sleep and Daily RhythmsPresentation

    Charles A. Czeisler, MD, PhD, explains the body’s “internal clock,” how sleep patterns are impacted by spaceflight and microgravity, and strategies to counteract these impacts.

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