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Genetics and Inheritance

Genetics and Inheritance

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Patterns of inheritance, Mendelian genetics, variation of traits, pedigrees

  • Introduction to Inherited Traits

    Introduction to Inherited TraitsPresentation

    What determines the physical and biological characteristics of an individual organism, and how are these traits passed from one generation to the next? In this presentation, Dr. McNeel describes the basics of genetic inheritance.

  • Introduction to Mendelian Genetics

    Introduction to Mendelian GeneticsPresentation

    Mendel used experimental approaches to characterize a particulate model of inheritance. In doing so, he developed the three Laws of Inheritance. Examine how Mendel made his important discoveries.

  • Introduction to Pedigrees

    Introduction to PedigreesPresentation

    A pedigree shows how a trait is inherited over several generations. Dr. Lisa Meffert explains why pedigrees are important, and the key factors scientists consider when studying pedigrees.