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Space Science

Space Science

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Sun, solar system, planet, star, galaxy, moon, orbit

  • 23.5 Degrees

    23.5 DegreesPresentation

    Gregory Vogt, EdD, explains Earth’s tilt, our planet’s place within the Solar System, seasons, day/night cycles and many other basic space science concepts.

  • Earth Moon Cycles

    Earth Moon CyclesPresentation

    How does Earth move within the Solar System? What causes the phases of the Moon? Brenda Lary, MS, covers basics about the relative motion and positions of Earth, the Sun and the Moon.

  • Exploring Microgravity

    Exploring MicrogravityPresentation

    What is microgravity? How is it created? And how does it impact astronauts during spaceflight? Gregory Vogt, EdD, provides answers to these and other questions about the near-weightless conditions in space.

  • Overview of Earth/Space Science

    Overview of Earth/Space SciencePresentation

    Brenda Lary, MS, presents an overview of physical science, particularly geology, and discusses Earth’s place within the Solar System and cosmos.

  • Phases of the Moon

    Phases of the MoonPresentation

    Dr. Greg Vogt explains how to create and use models to teach students about the phases of the moon.