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Food: Nutrition and Energy

Food: Nutrition and Energy

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  • Energy for Life

    Energy for LifePresentation

    Demonstration showing how to conduct the activity, "Energy for Life," which helps students to understand what happens when living organisms utilize food for energy.

  • Energy Sources

    Energy SourcesPresentation

    Presentation demonstrating the activity, "Energy Sources," in which students learn about energy stored in food and the measurement of energy in calores.

  • Nutritional Challenges

    Nutritional ChallengesPresentation

    Presentation on the "Nutritional Challenges" activity, which teaches students about special dietary and nutrition needs, and assesses their knowledge by having them design specialized menus.

  • Serving Sizes

    Serving SizesPresentation

    Demonstration of the "Serving Sizes" activity, which teaches students to estimate portions and use the serving size information provided on nutrition facts labels.

  • Servings and Choices

    Servings and ChoicesPresentation

    Demonstration of the "Servings and Choices," activity, in which students document their own eating habits and determine if these habits match their energy needs.

  • Your Energy Needs

    Your Energy NeedsPresentation

    Demonstration video for the activity, "Your Energy Needs," which teaches students that calorie and energy needs vary, depending on activity levels.